Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap of Faith

Today is Leap Day, February 29, 2020. And my last blog post was ironically 4 years ago. Life has been busy, to say the least. During this time, I juggled family, work and my educational doctorate program. When I graduated in December 2018 I hit the ground running with a new podcast to discuss all things education. While I absolutely loved podcasting with amazing educators I quickly came to realize I was due for a much-needed break. And so I took the remainder of 2019 to recharge.

The Universe is an amazing teacher especially when we stop to hear, see, and feel the signs around us. Earlier this week I was in a coffee shop working on a school initiative I feel passionate about when I noticed the words “humble adventures” in this picture. I was drawn to visit the website and here are the words that jumped off the screen at me:
  • Authentic Self
  • Surrender
  • Struggle
  • Love &Adventure
I also noticed the blogger has not posted in a year to which I can totally relate. Life is busy! And yet, when we pay attention to the signs around and within us, we know when it is time to be still and when it is time to leap into action.


This year I am feeling called to action in the world of education. I have been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Super Attractor and she says that before we take action we should make sure our actions “come from a place of spiritual alignment” (Bernstein, 2019 p. 146). And so it is my goal to put aside ego so that my educational insights and intentions are led by Spirit. 


I have been focused on letting go of misaligned thoughts and stepping into faithful action. As I write this blog post the ego part of me thinks it all sounds so cheesy and that perhaps people will immediately dismiss me because of my talk of spiritual alignment while discussing educational issues. And yet the spiritual part of me, the most important part of me, knows with absolute faith that my educational messages will spill out into the world and resonate with those that need it most. The collective energy of educators that are open to embracing faithful action “backed by service and inspiration” is where my focus resides. I surrender my desire to sound right and instead trust that my words will inspire heart-mind action.


It is freeing to let go and stand in faith and yet any educator knows the moments of struggle can overshadow love. Now more than ever we need a community of educators that can share their authentic self, surrender the need for perfection, and learn from stories of love and struggle. Educators know that teaching is indeed a humble adventure. If you are looking to leap into faith and seeking a place to recharge, a place that focuses on positive change and connection, then I look forward to sharing, learning and growing with you on this humble adventure we call teaching.

Bernstein, G. (2019). Super attractor: Methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams (1st ed.). CA: Hay House, Inc.

This blogpost was inspired by Dr. Beth Heide who always led from the heart. The impact she made on others will live on for generations to come.