Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cooperative Learning in a Digital Sandbox

The "Sandbox" = STORMBOARD
  • Stormboard is an online collaboration board that allows up to 5 free participants on each Stormboard that you create.  Things to keep in mind:
    • Groupings: pre-arrange student groupings of 3-4 allowing space for you (the teacher) to be invited to the Stormboard (otherwise, you cannot play in the sandbox with students)
    • Ideas for Use: 
      • Peer to Peer Feedback on Digital Projects
      • Project Based Learning Units
      • Goal Setting
      • Character Maps, Conflict Map, KWL, RAFT, Reading & Analyzing Fiction, Word Walls
The "Tools" = Student Choice & Voice
  • Differentiate by allowing students to bring their ideas to the "sandbox" by inserting URLs, Youtube Videos, or their original ideas on Sticky Notes, Notes Cards or Drawings related to your lesson (provide some Guiding/Driving Questions...see below in the Rules of Play)
  • Students can add Digital Projects by posting project URLs to the Stormboard 
  • Students can comment on all ideas or links shared on the Stormboard

The "Rules of Play" = Life Skills
  • No Throwing Sand: Students need modeled and taught that online collaboration must be helpful and not hurtful.  Do not assume students will come to you knowing these skills.  
  • Teach How to Play: Before tasking students to work in cooperative groups online, allow them to explore the idea of teamwork and constructive/descriptive feedback
    • Click HERE for a copy of guiding/driving questions for students to explore collaboration and feedback prior to giving peer feedback on learning standards
    • Remember: You are in the sandbox too! Provide students questions for them to dig deeper in regards to giving peer feedback!
Below is an example of teaching students how to give feedback: