Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Power of Student Voice & Choice

Differentiated, Personalized, Individualized...there are a plethora of charts detailing the difference between these three.  Let me let you in on a little it what you like, but simply put, these are just describing words for what your classroom should look and feel like for every student.

Every class should excite a culture of learning that fosters relationships and growth through student voice and choice. There must be a release of old school ideas regarding classroom management that teaches students should be seen and not heard. Instead, we must embrace a culture of learning that gives students the freedom to grow through inquiry and collaboration.

Student voice and choice...In reality, one cannot exist without the other. There is a beautiful relationship between the two.  To provide voice allows for choice and to provide choice allows for voice. Our lessons should provide students opportunities to express understanding in ways that are relevant and rigorous.  Relevant, in that students should get to choose elements and/or platforms that are the most meaningful for them.  Rigorous, in that students should be appropriately challenged according to their levels of readiness.

Student voice and choice

  1. creates infinite ways for students to express knowledge and understanding
  2. empowers students by allowing them to navigate their learning 
  3. creates meaningful learning experiences
  4. values seek and find over sit and get learning
  5. offers a collaborative learning environment for students to grow with one another versus next to one another
  6. offers opportunities to foster communication skills that will benefit them beyond the classroom
  7. establishes a culture that values student input
  8. builds trust from student to teacher and student to student
  9. promotes individuality and customization of learning
  10. allows students to value process over product thus embracing knowledge seeking over point chasing