Sunday, April 6, 2014

Student Choice Ideas4u

I created this digital student choice board and aligned it with Bloom's levels of understanding.  This choice board allows students to work from levels 1 to 3 demonstrating understanding of newly acquired concepts. Students are given the latitude to choose one activity from each level of understanding.

Here are the levels at a glance:
  • Level 1 (Knowledge & Memory):  these sites allow students to explore and define new concepts or vocabulary while providing practice to reinforce memorization
  • Level 2 (Comprehension & Understanding):  these sites encourage students to use their own words/voice to restate and/or model newly learned processes
  • Level 3 (Application):  these sites stretch student thinking by requiring them to make connections between new concepts and prior experiences
Feel free to try this digital choice board with your students at the front of a unit of study and watch how each student learns by choosing his/her own path.  Of course, should a student think of a way to demonstrate understanding that is not represented on the choice board, then the teacher should honor the student's choice to take a different path.