Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Calling All Cross Country Edu-Collaborators


Would you like to teach students how to collaborate in digital learning communities beyond your brick and mortar walls?

Do you have interest in your students working with other students across the country/countries?

Are you constantly on the look out for new, exciting and differentiated ways to teach curricular standards?

If so, here is the game plan:

1) Use your PLN to find another educator to collaborate with for the school year.  Then have a Google Hang Out or Skype to collaborate face to face and choose how you will share ideas such as Google Docs, Blog, LiveBinder...the ideas are endless!
  • My content is Spanish (levels one and two).  I am on the search for a Spanish teacher AND if possible other teachers of cross-curricular areas of interest such as:  history, culinary arts...really.. any teacher with a desire to join in the fun!

2) Decide which of your curricular standards you want to build your digital learning community around.
  • I'm thinking any or all of the 5 ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Standards:  Communities, Communication, Culture, Connections and/or Comparisons.

3) Agree on what as well as how many projects your students will collaborate on this year.
  • For my content standards we could start with one of the five standards and see how it takes life from there!

4) Differentiate for your students by offering multiple modes of digital communication and learning menus for student choice and ability levels.

5) Consider embedding Genius Hour and/or 20% time for this endeavor! 

Are you ready? 

Does just the thought of going BIG like this get your creative juices flowing?  

If so, then get out there! Dive into your PLN! Find an edu-collaborator and create greatness!

To be continued...