Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roots of Student Teacher Relationships

"There are at least two bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings." 
~Hodding Carter
It is not simply the asking of questions to get to know our students,  but it is what we do with their answers that will bear the greatest impact on meeting their needs through out the school year.  The video below (made using Screen Cast O-Matic) highlights 13 important questions to ask your students as well as how to make their answers matter.

Once the roots of trust are established between you and your students, the next step is to give them wings to navigate through learning.

Best wishes establishing student teacher relationships this 2013-2014 School Year!

To access the document referenced in the video click on the following link Gathering Student Information (this can also be accessed on the Connected Teaching tab of my blog highlighted "Connect to Students").

For the follow up lesson to question twelve click HERE!