Thursday, May 9, 2013

An Apple App to Feature Student Projects

iMovie App on iTunes

If you are looking for ways to integrate technology and increase student engagement I highly recommend the iMovie App on iTunes. 

This idea came from a visit to a 1:1 school wherein I learned of an ELL project that used the iMovie app.  The project allowed ELL students to film their journey to the U.S.    They could speak in both their target language AND English.  Each student then subtitled the short film in English.

This innovative idea spurred me to think of other ways to integrate this fun app across other content areas.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Foreign Languages create bios, skits, feature vocabulary and/or grammar concepts. I actually had a student create a photo montage of her trip to Europe with background music and voice over in Spanish detailing her trip in the past tense (other examples: "A Day in the Life Of..." project using daily routine vocabulary, "When I was a child"...stories using the past tense...oh the possibilities are endless!) 
  • History/Comm Arts feature a person from history or character from a book, mini reenactment, parody
  • Math/Science (STEM Education) present a hypothesis, feature any process/skill or show off a final project 
  • Family & Consumer Sciences video or take snippets of projects throughout a unit or course to create a compilation with subtitled key terms paired with project
  • P.E./ Health video or take snippets of one’s journey leading a healthier life, research and feature trending exercises
  • Fine Arts, Visual or Performing Arts feature a compilation of visual art throughout a course, create advertisements for upcoming performances/events, feature famous singers, artists, actors
  • Home Room Classes student bios, capture video throughout the year to upload for an end of year feature (great way to build relationships!)
  • Clubs advertise for club membership and/or events

I know it is the end of year and perhaps this is an idea you bookmark with Diigo or "Favorite" on Twitter to access again next school year.  For fun, if you have children at home I guarantee this $4.99 app is well worth the money.  Seriously, this app has kept my daughter entertained for hours on end.  Here is one of the movie trailers she crafted ....The Mustacheo Spy by Mustacheo Films.  She has made so many I have lost count featuring herself, friends, her Pet Shop animals and even the family pets!  In short, this app is a creative outlet for your kids AND keeps them busy leaving you to do whatever it is you do with your summer.

I am certain the bulleted ideas above are just the tip of the iceberg in using iMovie in the classroom.  Much like the ELL idea that was shared with me, I share these ideas with you in hopes that you will think of more ideas and in turn share with others.  

The cycle of sharing is what continues forward momentum in share on!